Rolling Pants, German Jeans for Wheelchair Users

Jean are always cool – and always evolving’ Vogue, 1999 When Julia from Rolling Pants contacted me, I was so excited to hear about the design of their jeans. Finally, someone had considered wheelchair users and how different our fit and design requirements are from people who spend the majority of their time standing instead.  They have designed a stylish range of different jeans, trousers and leggings for men and women to wear  comfortably whilst using a wheelchair.  Opening my package from the Postman felt like an early birthday present (plus, it’s not actually that long until my birthday on the 23rd March!) with all the different designs inside. They had sent me a lovely variety to showcase some of the styles they sell; I had a dark blue classic denim pair, a pair of jeans in a trendy pale grey and a black pair of leggings. I liked the variety of colours as it means  I can wear them to different occasions and vary them depending on what else my outfit includes.  The sizes are in inches which is a lot more accurate than the UK style of sizing which varies massively depending on the shop you’re visiting! I immediately noticed how much comfier the jeans were when I sat in my indoor wheelchair since the waistbands had elasticated sections that were designed to mould to the different shape of your body when you are seated. I loved that the fastening was a “hook and claw” fastener which slides together rather than a button as this could help people suffering from joint-related illnesses to fasten these independently. There is also a long strip of branded material designed as a pull-cord to zip up the zip; this again would help users with reduced dexterity for example. The front pockets are actually pockets which is unusual for many female pairs of jeans and so useful when I’m having a bad pain day and need to keep things  nearby.  The company is German so their website ( is written in German but if you click on this link then it takes you to a page with an English translation of the website ( The currency is in Euros but if you send Julia Kinting an email ( or enquire online then I’m sure they will point you in the right direction. Julia was so helpful with my order in aiding me in  converting sizings and working out shipping.  The black leggings are unbelievably comfy as they have extra elasticated panels to make sure they don’t dig into my waistline when I am seated. They didn’t buckle or fold over at the top when I transitioned from standing to seating which really pleased me. I think because they have a straight leg rather than a “skinny” or skin-tight fit that they appear smarter and I’ll feel better when wearing these out of my home.   The pale grey pair of jeans are perhaps my favourite as they fit so nicely to my body. Plus, the colouring is a little unusual so I feel like I’m wearing something that’s different and unique. I also think the colour is perfect to pair with lots of different tops! The light colour also makes these a smart alternative to dresses in the summer!   My gorgeous dog (Milo) decided to jump up and join me when I was “modelling” the dark blue denim pair so I’ve included a picture of my best canine friend too! The dark blue pair look very much like normal jeans you’d buy on the high street but they are definitely elevated as they have all the amazing design differences that I mentioned before. These are so comfy I might even consider forsaking my favourite pair of pyjama bottoms!  Overall, I definitely think that Rolling Pants have developed a really fashionable range of products that also have alterations that help me with my adapted life. There’s nothing worse when you’re already dealing with chronic pain, sickness etc. than to also be uncomfortable in a pair of jeans that dig in and don’t suit you whilst seated. These jeans and leggings will be perfect for use when out in my wheelchair or just lounging at home (I’m wearing the grey pair now!).

Spoonie fashion at its best! (Google the Spoon Theory if you don’t know what a Spoonie is)