Disney Paris Disabled Entrance

A lot of people have asked me is Disney Paris suitable for a wheelchair? Wheelchair friendly Disney is very doable if you plan things out and know what you’re doing! My Sister and I visited to celebrate her 21st birthday and I must say, despite my nerve damage preventing me from going on any of the rollercoasters, we had a magical Disney experience!  I’m posting a series of blog posts about disabled friendly Disney access so please feel free to check out my other pages. If you have any questions or if you would like to take advantage of my bespoke holiday planning service then email disabledtravelwithgeorgina@gmail.com.

Getting to Disney

First thing’s first, you have to get into Disney. I wrote another page on the wheelchair friendly hotel near Disney that I stayed at with my sister (http://disabledtravelwithgeorgina.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/disney-paris-wheelchair-friendly-hotel_4.html). We took the disabled friendly public transport buses from our hotel but often more expensive hotels have their own shuttle service. It is only a short five minute walk from the train station or bus stop area to get to the entrances.  At the bag checking stations wheelchair users can use a separate, wider entrance to the right-hand side where there is a metal detector wide enough to let the wheelchair through. This will be quicker than waiting in the usual queue. Obviously, the wheelchair will set the detector off but you are then patted down by a member of staff who is the same sex as you.

Disabled Disney tickets for entry 

As you approach the Magic Kingdom entrance there are many booths at which you can buy your entrance tickets. If you have already received your tickets whether as part of a disabled Disney hotel package or through an external vendor then you can skip this step. I would suggest not buying your tickets in advance if you have a disability since you get a “carer” in free with proof of disability. This proud can be a Blue Badge, Disabled Registration Card or a letter from your GP explaining the situation. You go to a special kiosk to order disabled Disney tickets; if you go straight through the middle of the normal kiosks as if you were heading towards the electronic admission gates to Magic Kingdom then the disabled Disney ticket window is directly to your right. If in doubt, ask a member of staff who will be more than happy to help. I would also suggest taking photographic ID to go alongside your proof of disability as people have been asked to show this at  this point. We paid for one three day, two park ticket and got the same free.

Getting your disability passport

Your disability passport is a coloured sheet of card that allows you to get to the front of ride queues, get a return time to come back and visit characters and allows you into a special disabled area for parades and the evening firework show. Depending on the severity of your disability, you will not necessarily get all three of these things included on your passport and the number of people allowed to join you into these areas and to the front of queues will vary also. When you enter Magic Kingdom you see a lovely bandstand in the centre (as pictured below), to get your disability passport you have to go to City Hall which is on the left as you enter (as in the second picture below). In Disney’s Hollywood Studios the city hall booth is less obvious and is instead on the right-hand side before you go through the large warehouse. There are more people serving in the larger City Hall in Magic Kingdom so I would recommend going there instead as it   can get pretty busy during peak times! 

If you present your ‘proof of disability’ to the staff working there then they’ll tick the applicable boxes on your passport and give you a specialised accessibility Disney map. If you follow the symbol codes on there it’ll indicate which rides are suitable for you. You can view this map online here: https://www.discoverthemagic.nl/content/downloads/disneyland-paris/dlp-toegankelijkheidsgids-uk-2016.pdfI had no problems getting my disability passport and staff knew what to do with it when I showed this on rides. If you have any questions or want help planning your Disney holiday then email me at disabledtravelwithgeorgina@gmail.com. Feel free to browse my other posts on disabled Disney Paris

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