What We Do
I’m Georgina and I am a full-time wheelchair user with multiple chronic illnesses. I love to experience and explore new places. Traveling the globe on wheels has shown me that there is a wide variety of access triumphs and failures. I hope to particularly share those places that go the extra mile for customers – who doesn’t love finding a cute local cafe that serves amazing chocolate brownies AND is actually accessible?!
Meet Richard, he’s my husband and partner of ten years. We love travelling together and visiting new places. Our wedding preparations were slightly more complex due to my health conditions and that is why we choose now to help other future married couples. You can see some pictures of our wedding day on my Instagram feed @disabledtravelwithgeorgina. You’ll mostly see us together when doing blog review visits but I do often pull in family and friends if the authenticity of a review requires a group visit.

Our process works in a twofold way by;

i) Providing Information for the Visitor

We provide informative, detailed blog posts with lots of quality photographs so that disabled or chronically ill travellers can assess whether a venue fits their personal needs.

Since I am disabled myself, I know the questions I repeatedly ask before visiting a new place. I hope that my comprehensive posts might save you some of those endless phone call queries about things like accessible toilets and ramped access. Our mission is to answer those questions for you and save you hours of planning time.

Whether we have accidentally stumbled upon a place locally to show you or we have received an invite to feature a new location, our reviews are always thorough and showcase the true experience Richard and I have!

II) Featuring Accessible Businesses

We’re so lucky to have lots of amazing followers on this blog and on our social media streams; this means that we often are invited to particular locations to feature a restaurant, hotel or travel attraction. This is such an exciting process as my partner, Richard, and I get to visit these places as guests to gain an authentic experience. We showcase each moment through detailed writing and photos so my followers can assess whether they would be able to enjoy visiting themselves. Featuring new places works in two ways; we get to celebrate businesses who go the extra mile for every customer and we also help to benefit the business itself by revealing these hidden gems that my followers may have not visited before. This publicity opens up a wider revenue stream and a whole market of visitors who may have not realised they were able to access these great locations and experiences! If you are a business that would like to be reviewed and featured then please don’t hesitate to contact disabledtravelwithgeorgina@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts as much as I enjoyed experiencing them! Older posts can still be found by clicking on the ‘Blog before 2020’ button in the top righthand corner.

COVID-19 has limited our creation of new content for safety reasons. Before visiting any of my blog locations, please consider the safety of everyone in your household and also of onsite venue staff.

Take care and stay safe!

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