Things to do in Fuengirola

There’s plenty to do in Fuengirola but it depends on your interests. Disabled Fuengirola and Fuengirola in a wheelchair is very doable if you plan your activities carefully.  When we visited Fuengirola we had an all-inclusive package with our hotel so didn’t eat or drink out a great deal. However, The London Pub in the centre has had lots of recommendations due to its central location, large outdoor terrace and very “British” menu. Pogs is an Irish bar with wheelchair access in the centre where you can go for a drink. I would avoid the restaurants directly on the waterfront as their central location really increases the price. That said, if money isn’t a concern then the beachfront view is rather nice!  Buy your bottled water and soft drinks from one of the local supermarkets rather than from what the locals call ‘looky looky men’ who patrol up and down the beach front selling bottled drinks, sunglasses, hats and scarves. We didn’t find these sellers a problem if you just politely refused their goods. If you do want to buy any of their wares then do make sure to haggle as they will always set a really high price to start. I wrote a separate blog post on the disabled accessible beach that is on the coastline. This had wooden boarding down so you can wheel a wheelchair onto this and for 5€ you got a cushioned sun lounger, a grass parasol and full use of all the equipment. This included wide-based crutches that can be used as a walking stick on the sand and a beach wheelchair which was amphibious so wheelchair users can be taken into the sea. The public transport in Fuengirola is wheelchair accessible you’re not a fan of public transport then maybe you’ll consider the ‘Tourist Train’ which is a red hop-on hop-off service. This has an access ramp and room for one wheelchair. For 7€ each you can get off and on as many times as you want or just remain on for the 40 minute tour. The route starts at 10am and it runs every 60 minutes. The main stop is in Plaza Teresa Zabel but there are red signposts around Fuengirola.  If shopping is more your thing then the Miramar shopping centre is wheelchair friendly or Tuesday is market day in the centre of Fuengirola. Always have a good haggle as the price fluctuates depending on the person. El Baratillo de Fuengirola is the largest outdoor market on the coast and attracts tourists and locals alike. I wouldn’t recommend visiting Sohail Castle up the hill; the views are good but there is absolutely nothing within the walls of the castle itself and the walled walk around is definitely not accessible to anyone with any physical disability. If you have children and are looking for disabled child-friendly activities in Fuengirola then have a look at my post on the Butterfly Park and the beautiful Estupa up the hill from Fuengirola. visible, the large inflatable CostaWaterPark is situated near Los Boliches beach. Obviously you would have to be mobile to access this since it is an inflatable obstacle course just off of the beach. There is boarding on the beach leading to this so a disabled adult could watch a child play on this. This costs 10 euros for an hour pass or 25 euros for a day pass and is open 11 a.m.-8 p.m. June/ July. If you want to travel further afield perhaps by taxi or using the Fuengirola wheelchair friendly public transport then Benalmadena is very wheelchair accessible. It has a very pretty harbour where you can grab lunch or a glass of wine whilst overlooking the expensive yachts although you do pay a premium to sit at these tables with a view. If you’re happy to walk between attractions then do consider going up in the Cable Car which stops to allow wheelchair users to board. The views are breathtaking but when you get to the top the path to the bird show is not wheelchair accessible neither is the walkway to the main viewing areas. You would have to remain at the cable car docking area and admire the view from there. Benalmadena is fairly compact but if it’s too far for you to walk around then the Citysighting Tourist Bus does have a ramp and space for a wheelchair so you could use this to travel between areas. Other disabled friendly attractions in Benalmadena include Selwo Marina, Sea Life and the Mariposario.   If you are looking for something a bit “different” to do in Benalmadena then perhaps visit Boals Ice Bar in Puerto Marina. This ice cave has ice sculptures and your drink glasses are even made out of ice! Entrance is 10 euros for adults but this includes rental of thermal cape, gloves and socks and a choice of cocktail.

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