Visiting Disney Paris characters with the wheelchair

This was the area that nobody fully explained to us when visiting Disney Paris with a wheelchair since there are a few different variations here.

As explained in my earlier post ( you have to have already received your disability passport in order to receive special disabled Disney access. Some characters are scheduled to be in a specific location on the Disney timetable leaflet you receive when you enter the park. An example of this is Minnie Mouse who is always scheduled at certain times to be at the entrance of Magic Kingdom. When approaching these characters you show your disability pass and then receive a return time. You can’t pick your return time but are given the next available time slot on the special needs Disney sheet by the cast member. The cast members have a limited amount of ‘come-back times’ so when these run out for the day then you will have to queue to see these characters as an able-bodied person would have to do. Your ‘come-back time’ will be written on a piece of paper which you keep and hand the cast member back when returning at the specified time in order to skip the queue. It took me a little longer than a “normal” person to take photographs as I wished occasionally to stand and this is very hard for me with my nerve damage. However, people on the whole were very patient if it took me a little while.

For characters that are not scheduled to be in a particular area things work slightly differently. Tigger and Eeyore occasionally appear in Disney’s Hollywood Studios but the timings and location vary according to the season and demand. For these characters you show your disabled passport to their accompanying cast member and then you are either allowed to see the characters straight away or are asked to wait to one side and effectively jump the queue at the prerogative of the cast member. We never had to wait long but depending on the queue size you occasionally had to wait for five or ten minutes. You don’t get a come-back time and just have to wait.Other characters have set locations such as Mickey Mouse who has his house in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. To see Mickey your passport worked like a ride queue as you presented your passport to the cast member on the right-hand side of the house and you were wheeled close to the front for a wait of around twenty minutes to see Mickey. Some characters ran out of ‘come-back times’ quite quickly. I would recommend visiting Alice and the Mad Hatter early if you want a come-back time for them and Princess Pavilion where you see the princess who is on that day also got very busy quite quickly. Overall, visiting Disney Paris with a wheelchair was really fun and we got lots of lovely photos with characters. 

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