Georgina (a white brunette female) is outside with blue push rim covers on her wheelchair

I-WHEEL Pushrims

I was thrilled when I was asked to review the pushrim covers from I-WHEEL as I had been having a few difficulties in finding these in the sizes of my new wheelchair. These were the perfect solution to that problem since they came in so many different sizes and colours! 

First of all, I wanted to explain what a push rim cover actually is to those of us who haven’t heard of them before. When a manual wheelchair user moves their chair, they will hold onto the metal hoops on their large rear wheels, spinning them to move. These metal hoops on my rear wheels are known as their pushrims/ push rims. When you add a cover to these metal wheelchair pushrims, they help the user to move with a greater grip and a more ergonomic design to suit your hands. As a full-time wheelchair user myself, I know that my hands can get blistered with friction burn very easily if my pushrims have chips within the surface or even if the rims are too hot, cold or wet! Rainstorms are particularly difficult for my wheeling hands here in the UK as my wheelchair rims lose all of their grip and can be so difficult to manoeuvre! 

One of the solutions to this are these push rim covers (also known as handrim covers within the US) which are a malleable PVC wrap that fits easily over the push rims of the wheelchair, encasing them in a somewhat stretchy material. These are such great solutions to increase the grip of your hands which, in turn, increases the propelling force of the person moving forwards. Plus, a greater grip and assistance in holding onto the wheel rims means that a wheelchair user gets help with tricky manoeuvres  such as jumping down a roadside curb or even popping a wheelie if you have the core strength! 

Georgina (a white brunette female) is wearing a green coat and is seated in a manual wheelchair with pink pushrim covers

I found a huge difference when I was out walking my dog, Milo, with my husband. You can just see him dashing past in a blur in this photo! We live in the Peak District in the centre of the UK so it is very rural and the pathways aren’t always perfectly smooth tarmac. The push rim covers allowed me to steer easily around the larger potholes in the pathway and also to slightly raise my front caster wheels in a “wheelie” to jump over the smaller and more manageable bumps. One of the big differences I have found with the I-WHEEL version of a pushrim cover is that there isn’t a huge seam where the two ends of the PVCmaterial meet. I have tried a few competitors’ versions and almost always find that there is a noticeable bump or seam in the cover where the ends meet. This is particularly problematic since this ridge can catch on your hands when moving or even cause rubbing over time.

Georgina (a white brunette female) is out walking her black and white staffy dog in her manual wheelchair.

Another difference I did find was that the I-WHEEL pushrim covers have a matte finish so don’t have the shiny finish of some of the others on the market. Personally, I preferred that texture in my hands with the increased gripping ability and more comfortable feeling in my palms. According to I-WHEEL, this also reduces static buildup of dust and particles as opposed to the shiny cover counterparts. I do love that these specific pushrim covers make it really easy to wipe down this area of my wheelchair if it does get dusty over time or even muddy on a dog walk with Milo!  

Georgina (a white brunette female) is seated in a wheelchair with blue handrail covers

These are really easy to fit onto the pushrim metal rings on my wheelchair so I loved that I could take them off easily for cleaning purposes or even just to match my outfit! An abled person might change their shoes to suit their outfit but I also love changing up the designs and aesthetics of my wheelchair to suit my mood, the season or the colours of the outfit I am wearing. For example, I recently celebrated my thirtieth birthday with friends and family. I wore a bright pink dress to suit how we had decorated the hall and I also had the fantastic opportunity to match the colours on  my wheels to that colour scheme.

Georgina (a white brunette female) is wearing a pink party dress and has pink handrail covers on her wheelchair

The current colours that I-WHEEL offer in their pushrim cover range are blue, pink, purple, red, yellow, green and black. I currently have the blue and pink versions of this and love how I can change the design of my chair within ten minutes. This doesn’t leave any lasting impact on the wheelchair also if you are using a rental wheelchair or one provided by your healthcare services such as the NHS in the UK. 

I love showing my personality through my mobility aids and I pride myself in being unique whilst enjoying styling my wheelchair. My wheelchair is my freedom and allows me to move around the world in less pain and danger so why shouldn’t I style it in joyous, fashionable ways? These handrail covers have a practical use but also are aesthetically pleasing and fashionable.

I-WHEEL also have a range of different products on their website including an inclusive adaptive fashion range which includes a lightweight knit wrap/ shawl which a wheelchair user can use without their arms being restricted. The design allows it to be easily taken on and off without zips/ buttons which can be hard for dexterity. I personally haven’t tried this yet but am excited to see where this line of clothing leads!

On the I-WHEEL website ( are also wheelchair tyre covers which allow a full-time wheelchair user to protect their flooring and surfaces indoors. In the US, these are sometimes referred to as “tyre slippers”. There are front caster and large rear wheel covers which may allow wheelchair users to transfer in and outdoors easily with a machine washable cover. I haven’t tried these myself but I think the pushrim covers might actually have a similar benefit to keeping your house tidy. I am forever catching walls or corners with my wheelchair rims, particularly in tight spaces such as a friend’s non-adapted house. The push rim covers allow me to brush against a wall without chipping my wheelchair paint or damaging the walls with hard metal surfaces. 

Overall, I absolutely love my I-WHEEL push rim covers! They are really versatile and can be moved from chair to chair (provided they have the same wheel diameter) and also allow me to change the design and colours of my chair without permanent damage to the wheelchair frame. I find that they improve my grip and propulsion power whilst also giving me a smooth, matt surface which is kind to the inside of my hands. These at first seem like a “fashion item” to those who don’t know the inner workings behind the design but they actually really help my movement in the chair. Plus, they protect my metal push rims from chips/ damage whilst also keeping my house cleaner when I accidentally catch the walls. I am very impressed with the seam-free I-WHEEL design so will be very excited to see them develop their adaptive, inclusive ranges in the future! 

Georgina (a white brunette female) has her friend on her lap and pink push rim covers.

Check out their designs on their website ( or Instagram page ( 

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