Child-friendly Costa del Sol

Estupa, Buddhist Temple With free entry, this is a wonderful sight with breathtaking views and definitely ranks highly on my list of wheelchair friendly Costa del Sol activities! This buddhist temple is based on the hill side outside of Benalmadena. When travelling on public transport all the buses from Benalmadena are wheelchair friendly. You access these in the middle compartment and for full details please see my page on Costa del Sol accessible transport i However, if you wish to attend the free meditation   sessions then I would recommend getting a taxi as public buses run infrequently over these times.

This is a great child-friendly Costa del Sol activity as they can tour the painted walls of the temple and learn about a new culture here. Plus, the Benalmadena butterfly park is also opposite this so  you can combine these activities (have a look below for more details!). The Esupa Benalmadena runs meditation sessions every Tuesday and Friday at roughly 7pm. You sit on cushions on the floor cross-legged and are guided by an English translator in the “16th Karmapa Meditation”. This is a beautiful immersive activity and highly peaceful so is one of my favourite wheelchair friendly Costa del Sol activities. You access the Estupa (which has lots of steps at the front) by going into the small tourist shop at the side and you will be directed to a ramp at the side of the building. The tradition is that you focus on a wish for the future and think of this as you walk/ wheel in a circle around the beautiful exterior of the building. The views are absolutely beautiful and the Estupa Benalmadena makes the perfect backdrop to enjoy the sunset from. Richard and I really enjoyed the scenery and I stood from my wheelchair to take some pictures.  

 Butterfly ParkAnother child friendly Costa del Sol wheelchair friendly activity is the butterfly park Benalmadena. This is directly opposite the Estupa Benalmadena so both activities can be easily paired. We didn’t actually visit this but it is worth exploring if you have children. Their website shows a live webcam so you can get excited over the butterflies before you even travel. The sanctuary opens from 10am-7pm and ticket prices are €10 for a standard ticket and €8.50 for children aged 2-12 years old and Senior citizens over the age of 65.

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