Winning a Power 100 Award!

This is a blog post that I am absolutely thrilled about; I have won an award through the Shaw Trust’s Power 100! This is a list of the UK’s top 100 most influential disabled people, through every single industry and walk of life; from education, politics and law through to sport and publishing/ media. They have had so many famous names win awards through there from Stephen Hawking, Dame Tanni-Grey Thompson and Stephen Fry (lots of famous Stephens haha!). I recognised so many of the people on my 2021 award-winners list as people I have admired in the industry so I was honoured to be received a place beside them also.

The Shaw Trust, who organise and judge these awards across all of the categories, is an amazing charity who work to help businesses, employers and organisations celebrate diversity and inclusion. They also work on nationwide issues, organising campaigns surrounding access and the needs of the disabled community. They want to give the amazing disabled people across the UK the recognition they deserve for their achievements whilst also working towards changing public perception of disability.

The whole Power 100 event was such a great experience; I loved watching the remote event as every single award nominee had done amazing things and had certainly shown their talent, drive and passion! So many of the people on the list had become industry leaders, not in spite of their disability but in spite of a world that doesn’t always have the same access not only physically but in terms of the employment market for those with a disability or impairment or peoples’ perceptions of disability.

I must admit that winning this award has always been a secret ambition of mine after spending years cheering the wonderful nominees on from the sidelines and submitting nomination after nomination for peers who have done wonderful work in their fields. I loved this event as it surrounded me with like-minded people. It reminded me to kick that “imposter syndrome” to the curb and to remember that my bodily and mental limitations may mean that I do have challenges, but I definitely make up for this in passion and heart. 

Thank you so much for every single follower and subscriber who has nominated me for this award and any preceding ones. Every like, comment or view of my content shows me that I am doing something right and I’m raising the profile of disabled travel and inclusive weddings to the world! 

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